About Us

SabdaGyan is an innovative online language school with a specific mission to provide Nepali language education to children who, due to various constraints, may not be able to attend conventional schools. Our primary focus extends to overseas Nepali children, ranging from ages 3 to 16, particularly those living overseas all around the globe. At SabdaGyan, the comprehensive curriculum is designed to nurture a deep understanding of the Nepali language. This includes teaching the Nepali alphabet, vocabulary, and the art of constructing sentences.

Mission and Goals

The mission of Shabda Gyan is to educate and increase the impact of online Nepali language learning. We love to create interactive stories and learning resources that inspire teachers and engage children.

Parent Reviews

Shabda Gyan from the eye of our parents who know us well.

Kabita Ghimire


I want to say a big well done to the ShabdaGyan and their team at the online school that teaches Nepali language to kids from when they're little. It's a great idea!

Anish Upreti


An educational institution that provides language education from an early age with its expert team. I congratulate to the team for this wonderful initiative.

Niroj Prajapati


It's been an absolute game-changer in helping my nieces and nephews learn Nepali. The platform's interactive approach has made learning fun and accessible for them.

Rikesh Maharjan


The interactive lessons, colorful visuals, and engaging activities have captivated their interest and made learning a new language a joyous experience.

Embark on a learning journey with us

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